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"Since 1989 I have helped many singles find their life partner and will continue to do so. "  Over the years many dating services come and go and many people now use the internet with some success and but much frustration.   One of my more recent services is helping people build their profiles on the internet and giving feedback about the people that they meet.   We have all been there and done that on selecting the "wrong people" in our life.  If you have a second outside opinion and feedback, this helps greatly. 

With all the changes to the social media, and internet a single person still needs to be very careful as I have been reading about the "Romance Scams" as of late.When people use your heart as a tool for their own gain.  It is very sad indeed.  We as human beings cannot trust as we could in the past.  Never locking your doors, not knowing your neighbor would be there for you if needed.  This is the era I grew up with and it is now past.  Exceptions to this is still in the country.  Country based people are still there for you if you need them.  They are honest down to earth people that love their way of living. 

I have helped clients in very remote areas all over BC, SK, AB and MB but not everyone will I bring onto my membership.  If you are not ready emotionally or I do not think I can help you, I will be totally honest with you on this matter. 

One of my pet peeves I do have with other dating sites is the pictures they put online and in their advertisements.  In the 24 years of business I have had a handful of people that have gone "public" for my company.  Most people like the confidential service I give them.  So you know that those so called pictures are false. 

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We prefer to do Personal Interviews and can travel to meet with you in person !   IF YOU LIVE too far away, we will do an in depth telephone interview.  If you need help with your search on the internet and or help building yourself a successful profile I am just a phone call away. 

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Companionship and Relationship are basic human needs. We each need somebody special in our life to enrich and support us emotionally and to provide companionship and caring.

COUNTRY INTRODUCTIONS is dedicated to bringing together people who do not live in cities and lack the advantage of meeting large numbers of potential partners through their working and social lives. Relationships are based upon many factors. Research has shown that friendships based upon shared interests and values and mutual respect are more fulfilling. These friendships develop into relationships that stand the test of time.

There is more to finding the right person than meeting them by chance. Far more than luck is needed. When you are looking for the most important person in the world, your life partner, you owe it to yourself to make sure that the person that you invest time and feelings in has the best chance of becoming your perfect mate. 

COUNTRY INTRODUCTIONS will help you find a person who shares your interests and values in a dignified, sensible way that will ensure the best opportunity to form a stable relationship based upon things that are important to each of you.
In the country, and in small towns, it can be difficult to meet people who share your interests. COUNTRY INTRODUCTIONS can help by introducing you to the people who share your interests and values while screening out those who do not. Finding someone to enrich your life will be easier if you know that you share some interests and common values. 

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